Alarmingly Jabardasth ratings drop worries the management

Jabardasth is one of the most successful comedy shows in the Telugu States. Jabardasth has been receiving top ratings in the slot and no comedy show can ever come near to this ace comedy show. There are a lot of controversies around Jabardasth for its content. Many have commented that Jabardasth has sleazy comedy and double entenders. This comedy show has been successfully running for the past 7 years with many changes that happened to the show. Nagababu has walked out of the show and Mano replaced him. Roja is continuing as another judge. Anasuya and Rashmi are the hosts for this show.

However, this comedy show is facing tough times as the TRPs are very low for the past couple of weeks and it is going to be continued for the next few weeks as well as Bigg Boss and Indian Premier Leauge is taking the major chunk.

Will Jabardasth find a way to bounce back?

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