Akhil’s Hello makes an impact for Holiday season!

Akhil Akkineni had to make it evident that he is here to stay after a debacle like Akhil, his debut movie. He did cover the base in Overseas and got half million just over the weekend and with holiday season and positive word of mouth, trade is expecting him to get one million dollars in US Box Office with new year’s eve adding to the collections. In Telugu states too, the film is collecting better and with each passing day, the collections are improving.

Hello did a good business on opening Friday, but Saturday had a dip in collections. It recovered well on Sunday, mainly with family audience coming to see the film and a total of 8 crores share is expected from Telugu states over the weekend. With Christmas holiday on Monday and season being favour for families to walk into theatres till the New Year weekend, the trade is expecting the movie to perform even better with word of mouth going strong.

Kalyani Priyadarshan and Akhil are receiving lot of praises from audiences for their performances. Akhil’s performance as a lover who is waiting to meet his soul mate for 14 years as caught the eye of the audiences and many are praising him as a star material. Also, he proved that he is good in playing cricket and a good athlete by smacking his way for a win in CCLT10 challenge as captain of Telugu Warriors team. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next film announcement of Akhil.