Akhil or Pawan Kalyan; who is Surender’s next hero?

Surender Reddy craved a niche for him as a director with films like Athanokkade, Dhruva, Race Gurram, Kick and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. He has an unique style in telling a story and people like it. The only complaint about him is his inconsistency. If he delivers a big blockbuster, then he gives a dud and the chain continues. Still, whenever he gets everything right, the leading star hits a jackpot, without any doubt.

Rumours from fans of respective actors – Akkineni Akhil and Pawan Kalyan, are that the director has accepted films with their heroes. He has been waiting patiently for an opportunity after Sye Raa and he has discussions with stars like Prabhas, Mahesh, Jr. NTR before taking his initial talks to next level with Akhil and Pawan Kalyan. Is he doing films with both of them? Sources did not really confirm his project and just said that we need to wait for the official announcement, as the director has been talking to both the heroes and there is a chance that he finishes Akhil’s film first next year and then start #PSPK29, as there are three films for Pawan Kalyan to finish before his, that leaves him with ample time to direct Akhil or any other actor before PSPK.

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