Akhanda’s roar increasing Tollywood’s hopes

Balakrishna’s film Akhanda, which was released just yesterday, is the first big-ticket film to release in Tollywood, post the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. While several films that have been released after the pandemic outbreak did well, no one was sure how the audience would respond to major films in theatres, and if there would be any decent revenue generated or not.

With the release of Akhanda though and its resounding success at the box office, Tollywood is once again very hopeful. There are a number of big-ticket films ready for release in the coming months, and all of them have high stakes involved. Akhanda is performing extremely well at the box office, with the audience rushing to the theatres to watch the film.

As a result, producers are said to be relieved, with the hope that audience will turn up to the theatres to watch films as long as they manage to keep the audience engaged throughout.

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