Akhanda, RRR and Bimbisara: A common factor

The Nandamuri family had three releases in the last few months, starting with Balakrishna’s Akhanda, which was released on December 1st, 2021; then NTR’s RRR, which was released on March 24th this year; and now, Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara, which was released yesterday. While one common factor is that these films have all ended up as good successes, there’s another common factor in all the three films.

These three films carry a common emotion involving a small girl. In Akhanda, it was Akhanda’s relationship with his twin brother’s daughter. In RRR, the missing of a tribal girl sets the entire story in motion, taking NTR’s Komaram Bheem to Delhi and establishing the entire story and his friendship with Alluri Sitaramaraju. Now, in Bimbisara, there’s an interesting sentiment that the lead character shares with a small girl.

It is interesting to see that the Nandamuri family has come up with a very similar sentiment coincidentally. On the other hand, Bimbisara is running successfully in theatres, turning out to be a good hit for Tollywood after the past several disastrous weeks.

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