Nayantara is making good progress as Lady Superstar with films that suit her and stories that really helping her push the boundaries of her stardom. In this film, she for the first time playing two roles. How did she perform? What is the film? Let’s discuss…

Plot: Yamuna (Nayantara) is a journalist who thinks her job has no real significance. She wants to start a youtube channel and become popular. When her parents ask her to get married, she runs away to her grandmother’s house and there she starts to experience a ghost following her.

Parallelly, few people commit suicide who are related to an accident happened on the road. What is the connection between the ghost and Yamuna? Watch the movie on the screen to know more …

Performances:: Nayanthara is an actress who can be one of the best actresses out there when she decides and can be one of those glam dolls when she isn’t in the mood. Here, she mixed both of them. She acted like a glam doll and then like a ghost, she is the actress that we all miss. As per her, she gave the movie what it needs.

Kalaiyarasan, Gabrella Sellus, Yogi Babu, Nishaanth Ramakrishnan, Jayaprakashan are good but their characters lack any kind of depth for us to really connect to them.

Technicalities:: Screenplay by Priyanka Ravindran is really the culprit of this overlong horror flick. The movie just drags on and on without serving the purpose. For some stories when the emotional depth is the major point that attracts the audiences, holding it off till the climax, will result in people not really being invested in the story at all. As the real point doesn’t play till the final moment, people tend to feel that they haven’t been given a proper functioning story to watch.

Cinematography by Sudarshan Srinivasan is decent. But the kind of framing he uses doesn’t really support the vision the story demands.

Music by Sam CS is a real drag. He keeps using the same theme every now and then. The repetition just adds on the irritation caused by the slow narration. Hs songs also aren’t that good.

Edited by Karthik Jogesh. The movie needed decent pacing and the editor failed to understand that. Several insignificant shots and lengthy tracks could have been shortened as they have less impact on the final output.

Directed by Sarjun KM, this movie is miles behind the destination that it wants to achieve. The movie fails to be a coherent narrative as the director fails to give it a proper structure. With no structure, good visuals seem like unwanted exercise than cool and interesting imagery. Lack of depth in many scenes results in a kind of deja vu that needs for us to drink ten to twelve healthy juices to feel energetic again.

Analysis::The greatest possible disservice one can do to their own story is trying to mix up all they can think off. Everything that comes to their brain they add them and think that it gives them some time in the screenplay to delay the real story. This kind of thought process kills the significant story and trying to add some highly inconsequential sequences kills the movie too. Without any pace and suitable logic, horror movies don’t really give us the necessary kick of watching them.

Similarly, Airaa lacks pacing and being very predictable doesn’t really help it too. While it tries to use a different approach like Butterfly effect to tell the story, the screenplay and scene detailing fail to really match with the innovation the idea tries to explore. The director appears to have technical knowledge but he doesn’t use it well to drive the point home. Hence, we end up with a very unsatisfying film that just ends up as a yawn fest!

Rating:: 1.5/5