Age is just a number

Many of our Telugu stars have proved the popular saying, “ Age is just a number” by looking their best and young even at the age of 40 years. Let’s look at some of these handsome actors who managed to stop ageing with a age serum.

Akkineni NagarjunaAkkineni NagarjunaHe is the best well-kept actors in the Industry and he made handsome his middle name and we don’t have to reiterate specially that he is referred to as Manmadhudu. He is 57 years old but still looks like a 30 years old.

Megastar ChiranjeeviChiranjeeviMegastar Chiranjeevi has maintained his look over the years. Even though for a brief period of time he looked out of shape, he returned back to best of his looks for his Khaidi No.150. Even at the age of 60, he is looking young and he is filled with bundle of energy.

VenkateshVenkateshVictory Venkatesh looked his best in his latest movie, Guru. He still looks like a middle aged man who is not more than 35 while his real age is 57 years!

Ravi TejaRavi TejaRavi Teja crossed 50 recently but he doesn’t look like a 50-year old person on screen. He still has great bundle of energy on screen and we have to applaud his quality to inspire audience to stay energetic.

Jagapathi BabuJagapathibabuJagapathi Babu is one actor who has a lot of women following in Industry and outside too. He managed to stay put even though grey hair has found him. He looks super cool in the salt and pepper look.

SrikanthSrikanthActor Meka Srikanth has stopped ageing after 35 and even though he crossed 48, he still manages to look as fresh and young as he did in early 2000’s. He might have drunk age serum and we do want to ask him what is the real secret?!

Sampath RajSampath rajSampath found big success late in his career but he manages to look young even at the age of 48. He looked the best possible villain to a young hero like Prabahs in Mirchi and he’s till manages to mesmerise us with his healthy body and looks.

Pawan KalyanPawan KalyanCan you believe Pawan Kalyan is 45? Yes, the actor until recently did not look like he crossed even 30 and now he started to show some age on screen that too like a 30 year old but not like a 45 year old person.

Mahesh BabuMahesh babuMahesh Babu is 42 years old. Ok, Don’t panic, it happens! You have heard the truth and sometimes that is more harsh than reality. Mahesh is 42 years in age but looks 28 to 30 on screen!