After theatres, now OTT: Filmmakers taking unnecessary risks?

The theatrical scene has vastly changed due to the pandemic, which got the audience used to watching content from the comfort of their homes. Ever after the reopening of theatres, after the intensity of the pandemic went down, audiences aren’t showing much interest in going back to the theatres, owing to the insanely hiked ticket prices, especially in Telangana.

While the price hike for big films, made on a scale such as that of RRR and KGF 2, is understandable, the price hike got so out of hand that every movie is getting a price hike, which is putting off audiences from the entire scene. This even majorly impacted Megastar Chirnajeevi’s Acharya, which failed poorly at the box office. Now, filmmakers are trying to cash in on OTT platforms as well, with the concept of rentals.

Movies are being offered at a certain price, over the subscription price, which the viewers have to pay to watch the film. While there’s nothing that’s particularly at loss here, highly commercializing content is also bad for filmmakers, as it is certain blow up in their faces one day.

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