After RRR, can multi-starrers survive in Tollywood?

There were a lot of hopes and expectations on director SS Rajamouli’s RRR, which featured two of Tollywood’s biggest heroes acting together. Some hoped that this would revive the multistarrer culture in the industry, which died out a long time ago, and was only making a glimpsing comeback here and there in the industry.

Upon the film’s release, the expectations of the fans were reached beyond anyone had hoped for – with amazing action sequences and jaw dropping set pieces. However, there’s been on jarring complaint from all corners, and that’s the fact that NTR didn’t get as much importance as Ram Charan did, in the film. While there have been arguments against this fact, none of them have managed to satisfy fans and audiences.

Noticeably, NTR too didn’t actively try to argue against this fact, and has only kept silent, adding fuel to fire. He even said that he wouldn’t be doing any multistarrers in the future, in a recent interview. Following this, the hope for more multistarrers in the future, in Tollywood, has been negated, with fear that one actor might get more screen time than the other.

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