After Nani, will others follow the suit?

Currently, there are more than half a dozen movies that are ready for the release. However, no Telugu film is coming forward for direct OTT releases. Bollywood is active in this regard and many interesting films are hitting the digital releases. Completed films waiting for theatrical releases will only put extra pressure on the producers. Telugu films somehow are not showing interest in digital releases.

However, the situation is going to change now. It is known that Natural Star Nani has given the thumbs-up to direct to the digital release of his current movie V that has completed its shooting long back. Apparently Amazon Prime has shelled out Rs. 33.22 Crores for digital rights. It is a timely decision from Nani and it is expected that many movies will follow the suit.

Pradeep’s 30 Rojullo Preminchatam Ela, Ram’s Red, Vaishnav Tej’s Uppena, Anushka’s Nishabdam, Rana Daggubati’s Aranya have completed its shootings and are awaiting its releases. Now, we have to wait and see whether they will come forward for the direct digital releases.

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