Adivi Sesh Got Installed A Water Purification System at Koti Government Hospital

Young Hero Adivi Sesh who made headlines sending 865 liters of Drinking Water bottles to Koti Government Hospital did not just stop there. The actor was keen on giving a permanent solution for the Hospital which currently is treating more than 300 COVID patients.

He got a water purification system installed there with his own expense. The plant will give 1000 liters of water in one hour and will address the water needs of the staff and huge influx of patients the Hospital gets.

It is quite usual for celebrities to show temporary fixes to a problem and move away. But it is quite impressive that Sesh worked towards a permanent solution to the problem. The patients, attendants, doctors, and the staff at the hospital can not thank the actor enough for this thoughtful act which solves the long pending problem.

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