Aditya Om To Show Variation In Negative Shaded Roles

It’s not an easy task to act before camera, playing wide variety of roles and winning the appreciation of all section of the audience. Aditya Om is one of the rare actors who showed variations as hero, comedian and villain. Besides doing Telugu, Tamil movies, this versatile actor has played different roles in Hindi as well and won accolades. He also proved super successful as a director in Bollywood as well. Now, Aditya Om is making efforts to prove himself as a villain.

Aditya Om who played one of the lead roles in Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo which was a big commercial hit later starred in several Telugu movies and then entered Bollywood. He continued to attract Telugu, Tamil and Bollywood audience with his different roles. Now, he is set to play negative shades roles in three movies.

Aditya Om is playing the role of a mafia don in newcome Naga Varma’s ‘Vikram’. Apart from this, he is essaying atypical villain roles in “Amaram” (Nagaramlo), and Pavithra”. He is playing a crucial role as a hacker in Aadi Saikumar’s Amaram. On the other hand, he is playing a psychotic doctor in the web-series Pavithra co-starring Jyothi and Gayathri. All these are getting ready for release.

Aditya Om who says he has showed different shades in negative characters in these three films affirms audience are expecting actors to come out of their comfort zone to attempt different roles. “I’m following that path now,” says he.

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