Ravi Babu decided to make comedies that are completely weird and different from regular films. Even though he seemed to be delivering good enough material in his early days, he slowly turned into a director who delivers one good film and three bad ones. He now came up with a piglet film, Adugo. Let’s discuss it.

Plot : Abhishek (Abhishek Verma) is known as a bad energy. His luck is really bad and even his behavior is not entirely good and social. But his love, Raaji (Nabha Natesh) feels that he is capable and has a soft corner for him even though he makes it tough for her. She finally tells him that she had enough and to convince her he plans to gift her a puppy that she loves the most. Instead of a puppy, he gifts her a pig.

Even though he did courier a puppy, packages exchange and a piglet Bunty is sent to Raaji and her puppy is sent to Shakti (Ravi Babu). Shakti is a ruthless criminal and he needs the piglet as it swallowed an important chip. What happens next? Will he get the chip? What is in it, actually? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Abhishek Verma doesn’t have any screen presence. Even his acting chops are not up to the mark. Nabha Natesh is beautiful and her acting is good but this is not the kind of film she deserves.

Ravi Babu and others make audience cranky and unsettle them at the theatres. Vijay is good in his last film. Rajendra Prasad is the only delight in the mess.

Technicalities : Sudhakar Reddy couldn’t produce quality camera work as the movie seems shot on breaks with whatever camera they could find. He seems to have no good idea on how the VFX works in the film as his lighting in many scenes did not support the final output and even VFX artists, compositors did not take good care of it.

Prashanth Vihari composed songs for the film. While they sound like they have been ripped off from popular songs the datedness in the music is evident.

S.S. Rajesh scored the BGM for the movie and it is too loud. The scene doesn’t interest us and his score doesn’t impress us at all.

Satyanand, Ravi Babu wrote the film with more gore comedy in mind than creative and clever animation with depth in content. They followed a time-tested template in screenplay and dialogues are too worse.

Ravi Babu as a director always looked to push the boundaries but this time he just crossed the line into a disgusting pit of humour that we just cannot appreciate in any sense. He tried to mix his weird taste with children’s special comedy but the movie doesn’t impress even the weirdest kid. One will always look away from the screen as the things happen doesn’t induce laugh but embarrass us to even look at it.

Analysis: Japanse weird comedy-dramas that tend to take slapstick comedy to even gore heights that many cannot digest seems to be the inspiration behind making this piglet movie. Ravi Babu who is always known for his over the top filmmaking and weird sense of humour once again tried to mix his bad sense of gore comedy into a pet-love film. The result is that the movie starts on a bad taste and ends on even weirder humor. Even to those who enjoy such over the top comedies, we cannot recommend this film.

Rating : 1/5

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