Achari postpones his America Yatra

Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam starrer, Achari America Yatra has been scheduled for a release on 26th of January. But the movie team has decided to postpone the movie to 3rd week of February as they are some last minute issues with the final copy of the film. The director of the movie, Nageswara Reddy talked to press today.

He said, ” I did not want to take up the movie before the start of the production as I thought already we faced lot of backlash from the Brahmin community for Denikaina Ready and wanted to go with another story. But when producers made me meet Mallapadi Venkata Krishna Murthy, the writer of the story and when we discussed, I thought the story had the potential to be a comic caper and made the movie.”

He did not reveal the reasons behind the postpone and but just announced that they are planning for a later date. He did say that he is thankful to the producers, Manchu Vishnu and Brahmanandam for making such a good film with him. Also, he said, ” Brahmanandam is in almost very scene in this movie and I wanted him and Vishnu combination for this movie. I even told the producers I would not do the film, if they are not the cast. I am happy with them in the team and Pragya Jaiswal supported them well.”