Achari America Yatra

Memories of a journey help us rejuvenate when we are completely down and out. But some trips lack any kind of value to re-visit as we wish to forget about them completely. Such kind of trips make us plan twice and thrice for our next big trip. Films are similar too. They either end up being good experiences or highly bad that we fear to go to a film again. In such rare category, Achari America Yatra finds highest place for this year.

Plot : Appalachari (Brahmanandam) and his group of pundits go to a rich old lawyer Chakrapani (Kota Srinivasa Rao)’s house for a week long spritual event, Homam. Krishnamachari (Manchu Vishnu), the youngest member of the group is clever and doesn’t care about lying to get what he wants.

His group ends up being tagged as killers of Chakrapani by his family members and they decide to escape to America. But Appalachari finds out that Krishna who schemed to make them all go with him, came for Renuka (Pragya Jaiswal). Why did he do so? Who killed Chakrapani? How will the group escape the charging family members? Watch film for answers…

Performances : Manchu Vishnu needs to introspect again about his career. He tried hard to find success for many years and now, again he is in that situation. His films are losing their sheen and even his comic timing is unable to save the scenes. He needs better scripts and better directors, as soon as possible.

Pragya Jaiswal is trying hard to change her image from a neighbourhood girl to a hot glam chick. But for that she shouldn’t be showing more and more skin. Few directors are more interested in exploring only skin show of their actresses, better if she can avoid such films.

Even Surekha Vani isn’t spared from showing off some skin in this film and adult jokes even drag, Satya Krishna into it. All other actors including Brahmanandam just irritate.

Technicalities : Writer Darling Swamy, who expanded on story of Malladi Venkata Krishnamurthy couldn’t really understand the premise and crack wise jokes. He seems to be stuck in 40’s and 50’s. Hope he finds a time travel machine soon to get back to 2010’s.

Cinematography by Siddharth is one of the bad things of the film. He might have some skill in handling camera but when it is used to highlight cleavages of the women and close ups to private parts, one has to feel for him.

Music by SS Thaman is highly routine even for his lowest standards. His BGM can be ranked among his career worsts.

Director, Nageswar Reddy seems to be thinking 70’s and 80’s are true Telugu films and what 90’s tried to do is just provide some technical support with changing times. There is no visible step to innovate, no visible strength in the way story is told. This is just like I had to execute a film and I did it. Easily his worst work ever.

Analysis : Few films end up in library to just showcase to coming generations how you should waste a good comic premise. This is such film. The premise demanded it to address the cultural differences between two countries and explore them in a funny way, with love story as second layer over comic core.

Rather this film tries to give love story the centre stage, which we have seen for thousands of times. This is just criminal waste of opportunity and time. The film ranks among the worst of the year at the highest level.

Rating : 1/5

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