Plot: A rich NRI brat, Aravind (Allu Sirish) and his friend/family, Balashanmugham aka Basha (Bharat) look to enjoy life than think about the future with discipline. His father Ramesh Prasad (Nagababu) tries to explain the value of money to him but he fails. So he makes a plan to send Aravind to India and unknowingly, Aravind falls in a fight with a rich politician who is looking for succession to his popular father. What happens next? Watch the movie to know more …

Performances: Allu Sirish couldn’t really pull off the character even though he tried his best. The character needed him to be the NRI convincingly and also the Indian guy at heart with aplomb accuracy. He failed in getting the Indian guy part right. He improved from Okka Kshanam performance and that is not saying much.

Naga Babu is good in parts and clueless in many scenes. Rukhsar Dhillon is wasted in a role that doesn’t do any justice for her talent. All others couldn’t really but their best foot forward. Vennela Kishore is inconsistent.

Technicalities: Ram did his best to give good visuals but he missed in creating a good mood for the film. Like film, his work also feels random without much thought.

Naveen Nooli did not really edit the movie. We can’t find a rhythm in scene flow and even the shot selection is not up to the mark.

Judah Sandy as a music director tried his best to give good tunes but they sound like we heard them somewhere. Sandeep Bharadwaj’s background score is too loud and not in sync.

Sanjeev Reddy as a director looked clueless in many scenes. He couldn’t determine the emotional weight of the film, perfectly. He just made a went round and round with the script and even while handling the scenes, he looked highly immature. In a major sequence, when the hero had to realize his mistake, it is the audience who realize their mistake instead.

He is better in dealing with comedy and good in dealing with simple conversation scenes. But adding emotions to such scenes and sequences is not his forte. He needs to amend his ways in dealing with important scenes for sure.

Analysis: The greatest achievement for Malayalam Cinema is that they make films in a budget-friendly way. They try different subjects and even try satires on state affairs all in that budget. In Telugu, such control is never seen and we cannot really expect our audiences to accept a film from popular hero made in a less budget as well.

ABCD tries to play to the gallery within the limited budget and that fails it. Had the movie tried to make it all about the story they are telling – a satire on Modern India and politics, it would have been much much better. Trying to not include elements that are controversial, movie deals with issues like paralleling between the two main characters, love story, and self-growth in a routine manner. This makes movie too length and off-topic in many places. A strong witty script could have made it a better film.

Rating: 2/5