A very non-cooperative environment prevalent in Tollywood?

While it is inarguable that Tollywood is currently making a huge wave in the Indian film industry, for the way it’s raising the standards of Indian cinema, there’s also the fact that while pan-Indian films are doing well at the box office, rural cinema seems to be rotting.

Whatever the reason for this may be, the ultimate result is that Telugu cinema hasn’t been doing very well at the box office for the past several months. As a result, all the producers took a collective decision to stop all shootings for now and discuss various aspects that could possibly be hindering the performance of films in the Telugu states and what could be done to rectify them.

However, this decision is not being welcomed by everyone, with actors, directors, and even fellow producers not really supporting the move and going on to make their own decisions. This seems to be sending a really bad message about the industry to the audience, with so much non-cooperation going on.

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