A very innovative teaser for “Kanabadutaledu”!

Director Sukumar launched the trailer of low budget film, Kanabadutaledu and wished the young team his best. Naturally, the intrigue around the trailer is high and why the director is so impressed, we have the answers! The trailer cut doesn’t seem to be simple and routine. It is highly innovative and well planned, executed. Most of the cast seem to be unknowns with some actors from C/O Kancherapalem ensemble cast taking up police roles, majorly.

Young director, Balaraju M seems to have taken inspiration from English TV series like Walking Dead and CSI to construct the single shot. But he did not copy them entirely and we should praise the young team for executing the idea well, within their available budget. Editor Kumarana Ravi Teja, Cinematographer Sandeep Baddula and Music Composer Madhu Ponnas are impress us with their contributions. We have to just wish that the film lives upto the innovativeness shown in the teaser trailer.