A smart choice by the makers of F3

Almost every big film that was released this year, with the exception of Radhe Shyam, was released with a price hike, especially in the state of Telangana. KGF Chapter 2 didn’t get a price hike in Andhra Pradesh, as the cabinet was being shuffled at the time.

While films like RRR and KGF 2 managed to begin in audience nevertheless, other films greatly suffered due to the lack of adequate footfalls in theatres. Acharya is probably the best example in terms of how a film can be affected if the prices are increased beyond the nominal price. Acharya would have been able to collect a decent amount of money at the box office, regardless of its result, but the collections saw a steep downfall within days of the film’s release. Now, with just about an average talk for SVP, experts are of the opinion that the film would suffer a similar fate as Acharya, if the ticket prices aren’t slashed.

At a time like this, the makers of F3, which is the last big release for this summer, have decided not to increase ticket prices, and to release the film in theatres as is. As a result, it is safe to say that not only the footfalls for the film would increase in theatres, but that the movie could last considerably longer in the theatres as well.

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