A Sister(s) Paradise

Film Industry doesn’t discriminate between people looking at their ages or race. If you fit the character and good looking enough then you will a chance to show off your talent as well. But as star families and heroine families meet the directors and producers, frequently, they tend to get more opportunities. These sisters, also got huge number of chances to prove themselves in the industry. Let’s see who are they ..

Shavukaru Janaki – Krishna KumariShavukaru Janaki - Krishna KumariJanaki got an introduction into the Telugu Industry with Shavukaru, as a heroine and she became Shavukaru Janaki. After her, her younger sister, Krishna Kumari, also found chances as an actress. Interestingly, Krishna Kumari got more famous than Shavukaru Janaki during her prime.

Jyothi Lakshmi – Jaya MaliniJyothi Lakshmi - Jaya MaliniThe most famous item dancers duo of our Telugu Cinema Industry. Jyothi Lakshmi stormed as an item song dancer in 60’s and 70’s belonged to Jaya Malini. They just did not dance their way to good bank balances but they made a name for themselves as best dancers in the hearts of Telugu people too.

Jayasudha – SubhasiniJayasudha - SubhasiniJayasudha earned a name for herself as one of the actress who knew how to act naturally on screen and her sister, Subhasini too made an entry. She acted in popular films like Sivaranjani, Arundhati and many more …

Ambika – RadhaAmbika - RadhaAmbika made an entrance into Tamil films and became quite popular as a lead for Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth in late 70’s. In early, 80’s her sister, Radha entered into films and she got a huge name in Telugu films and formed a hit pair with Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Radhika – NiroshaRadhika - NiroshaRadhika became a huge sensation in 80’s and in late 80’s and early 90’s Nirosha too grabbed the imagination of young hearts. Radhika is continuing to act in character roles and Nirosha is getting offers very rarely.

Shalini – ShamiliShalini - ShamiliAs kids Shalini and Shamili took the nation by storm with their performances. Later, Shalini became a lead actress and married, Thala Ajith. Shamili made a debut in Oye as lead actress and now, she is trying to make a comeback.

Nagma – Jyothika – RoshiniNagma - Jyothika - RoshiniNagma entered South Cinema in 90’s and as she grew popular her sisters Jyothika and Roshini, also found good chances in South Industry. Jyothika became equally popular as Nagma and married, Suriya. She is doing films in Tamil now. Roshini retired and Nagma is active in politics.

Aarthi Agarwal – Aditi AgarwalAarthi Agarwal - Aditi AgarwalAarthi Agarwal entered the Industry in Nuvvu Naku Nacchav in 2001 and she continued to rule the roost as one of the busiest heroines until her health issues became a problem. Her sister, Aditi Agarwal, got few chances but she couldn’t be as successful as Aarthi. Unfortunately, Aarthi died early on operation bed.

Kajal Aggarwal – Nisha AggarwalKajal Aggarwal - Nisha AggarwalKajal entered Telugu Cinema in 2006, with Lakshmi Kalyanam and she became princess ‘Chandamama’ of Telugu Cinema. Later, her sister Nisha also tried her luck but as the offers, reduced, she married and recently became a Mom too.

Shruti Haasan – Akshara HaasanShruti Haasan - Akshara HaasanShruthi Haasan made a debut as Kamal Haasan’s daughter in Hindi and then, went on to win the hearts of Telugu Cinema audience and South Cinema audience too. Akshara Haasan also made her debut in Hindi and she is still trying to find her mark.

Karthika – TulasiKarthika - TulasiKarthika and Tulasi are daughters of Radha. They both debuted in films. And both couldn’t find the same success as their mother. Karthika is still finding some offers but Tulasi after doing Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, is busy with studies.

Sanjjana – Nicky GalraniSanjjana - Nicky GalraniSanjjana made a good impression on Telugu audience with Bujjigadu and Dandupalyam. Nicky Galrani is more famous in Tamil than Telugu but she is getting some offers here too.