A risky decision by Sukumar and Bunny?

Director Sukumar and Stylish Star Allu Arjun are collaborating for the third time together, for Pushpa. It is already known that the film is being made in two parts, where the first part will release this year, and the second part will release this year. The shooting for the first part is almost complete, with a few more days of shooting left. The shooting is expected to resume in July or August.

On the other hand, Sukumar is said to need 100 days to shoot the second part of Pushpa, and he is said to be keen on starting shooting for the second part only after Summer next year. According to the latest reports, Sukumar wants Allu Arjun to complete one film after Pushpa, and before they start shooting for the second part.

Given that there would be a continuity miss between the two parts, in case Allu Arjun takes up another project in between, and given that the actor would have to go through phenomenon transformations for these films in a very short span, fans are thinking that it would be a huge risk for Sukumar and Bunny to be taking this decision. Apart from that, fans feel that the expectations on the second part would be hampered if there was a longer gap between both the films. It is now to be seen if Sukumar and Bunny stick to this plan, or if they will change their minds and shoot the two instalments one after the other.

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