A new dawn for Indian Cinema

The coronavirus pandemic affected a lot of industries in very grave ways, but the worst affected has been the cinema industry, all over the world. Tollywood was especially affected very badly, with daily wage workers suffering due to the shutting down of the industry, and the stopping of film shoots as a result.

For the past few months, things have slowly returned to normal, with shootings taking place at a regular pace. Films have also been released in theatres, reopening the exhibition industry, which has suffered terribly due to the shutting down of theatres in the country. So far, all the films that were released in theatres, post the second wave, have performed well, having managed to bring in a decent amount of revenue.

With December now awaiting the release of several big films, and several other big films scheduled to release in 2022, the Indian Film industry is about to step into a new dawn, where a lot is at stake, but hopes are high, nevertheless. Here’s hoping that things will slowly get back to normal and that Indian cinema is stronger than ever.

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