A mythological comeback for Tollywood

The Telugu Film Industry was the home for mythological and folklore films back in the day, during the times of NTR and ANR. However, it slowly ventured into the social, contemporary genre, and then into the commercial space, where it is thriving now.

A lot of mythological films have been made in the meanwhile in Tollywood, the most notable in recent years, but not as many as notable. The folklore and periodic genre made a comeback with Rajamouli’s Baahubali franchise, post which several filmmakers have planned such films. However, the mythological genre is not being attempted by many still.

In the meantime, director Gunasekhar has been busy penning mythological scripts like Hiranyakashyapa and Shaakuntalam. The director got a boost from Rudramadevi and has decided to attempt different subjects ever since then. Gunasekhar planned Hiranyakashyapa with Rana Daggubati, but the film got postponed due to the pandemic. As a result, Gunasekhar took up Shaakuntalam, which he plans to wrap up before Rana gets free. These two films would be a major comeback for Tollywood, in the mythological genre. Here’s hoping the director would be able to turn these films into a grand success.

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