A major setback for this director’s plans

Director Ajay Bhupati delivered a massive success, and made a really good impression among the audiences and within the industry as well, with his debut film, RX 100. As a result, the expectations on his second film, Maha Samudram, were really good and high, and coupled with the pairing of Sharwanand and Siddharth as the leading actors of the film, took the expectations to the next level. The film being Siddharth’s straight Telugu film in a really long time also added to the expectations.

Upon its release though, Maha Samudram failed to make the kind of impact the makers wanted it to, turning out to be a huge disappointment for everyone. Prior to the release of Maha Samudram, Ajay Bhupati sis aid to have met with Dhanush, and narrated a script to him. The actor is also said to have liked the script but is said to have told the director that he would take a firm decision only after the release of Maha Samudram.

Now that Maha Samudram has failed to sit well with the audiences, sources are saying that Ajay’s film with Dhanush is as good as off. Ajay is currently said to be taking some time off, to work on his next script. It is now to be seen what the director’s next plans would be.

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