A major breather for Tollywood

For the past several months, especially during the Summer months, Tollywood went through one of the worst phases ever, or so it seemed. Every film that was released in theatres turned out to be a disaster, with just a few ending up as average grossers. The situation got so worse and caused everyone to panic so much that the producer’s guild decided to pause all shootings and review the situation.

It now looks like the Telugu film industry has finally gotten a breather this week, in the form of Bimbisara and Sita Ramam, which were released today. Both the films have been carrying a good buzz around them ever since the trailers and teasers were released. The movies even opened to good numbers everywhere today, and seem to be getting a positive word of mouth.

While it is to be seen how long these two films will be able to sustain at the box office, it is a major breather to see that movies are at least working out in theatres, at last. The major reason for this might be the affordable and reasonable ticket prices, a stark contrast to how producers have been increasing ticket prices for films that were released up to now.

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