A major boost to Indian Cinema

Maharashtra is the home to Bollywood, with multiple studios situated in the financial capital of India. Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world, producing a huge number of films per year. It is also the largest film industry in India, usually producing the highest number of films in the country, except sometimes, Tollywood takes its place.

The state of Maharashtra was the worst affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic, during the first and second waves. Incidentally, Maharashtra also happens to be the state with the highest percentage of vaccinated citizens. With such a high percentage of vaccination, and with the situation of coronavirus having gotten much better in Maharashtra, the theatres in the state are about to open at 50% vacancy from Monday. It is already known that actors can get back to shooting from Monday.

With Maharasthra getting back in action, thereby, Bollywood getting back in action, film industries throughout the country are feeling a breath of relief. On the other hand, Tollywood too is expected to be back in action very soon, by June ending or the first week of July, given that the situation in Telangana is also getting much better.

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