A dangerous trend sinking Sharwa’s ship

Without a doubt, Sharwanand is one of the most promising actors in Tollywood currently, capable of performing a wide range of characters with ease. Despite his earnest performances in every film that he features in, all of his recent outings have majorly disappointed audiences. Even the recently released Maha Samudra, which carried really good expectations, has fallen flat at the box office.

Sharwanand’s acting has been praised, and the same can be said about his chemistry with co-star Siddharth. In spite of all of this, Maha Samudram has been called average at the best, by audiences and critics, who are criticising the film’s lack of a proper narrative.

Maha Samudram happens to be the fourth consecutive flop for Sharwanand in recent times, which were preceded by Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Ranarangam, Jaanu and Sreekaram. It is now to be seen how Sharwanand’s future projects will turn out to be, and if the actor will change his script selection from here on.

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