A crowded August ahead for Tollywood

The Telugu film industry is about to witness a very crowded month in August, with back to back movies gearing up for release. So far, the year has seen many movies releasing, but they have been timed quite well. With August, things are about to change, with most of the films being small to medium budget films.

Sita Ramam and Bimbisara are set to be released on August 5th; Laal Singh Chaddha on August 11th; Karthikeya 2, Macherla Niyojikavargam and Viruman on August 12th; Swathi Muthyam on August 13th; Tees Maar Khan, Wanted Pandu God, Maataraani Mounamidhi and Commitment on August 19th; Liger on August 25th; Kala Puram on August 26th, and Pisaachi 2 on August 31st.

Of all the films set to be released in August, Sita Ramam, Bimbisara, Karthikeya 2, Macherla Niyojikavargam and Liger are the only films that are carrying a good buzz around them. It is to be seen how these films will end up performing at the box office.

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