A changing tide in Tollywood

Tollywood has produced several classics, some of which are revered to date. Tollywood was the home for mythological and folklore films back in the day, during the times of NTR and ANR. Slowly, Telugu filmmakers started moving towards socially relatable films.

From that, Tollywood slowly evolved into an out and out commercial space, where heroes are projected as superhumans and romance their lady love, go against the bad guys and always do the right thing. Tollywood continues to go ahead with its commercial formula even today, but a renaissance is currently underway in Tollywood. Audiences of the current generation, due to their exposure to world cinema, are craving for more than just superhuman elevations. Audiences are craving quality, over quantity, and are flat out rejecting dated ideas.

While heroes continue to be elevated in their films, the way they are elevated, and the plot that surrounds them have changed. While this stands to be true for star heroes, the younger generation is concentrating more on newer subjects and fresher content, always entertaining the audiences. In the next few years, Tollywood might go through a bigger renaissance for sure, with more and more young filmmakers coming up with refreshing concepts.

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