777 Charlie Movie Review and Rating!

Kannada star Rakshit Shetty’s film, 777 Charlie under the direction of Kiranraj K had a pan-India release today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: After losing his parents and younger sister in a major car accident, Dharma ( Rakshit Shetty) gets habituated to leading a solo life. But one fine day, a small puppy comes to his house though Dharma hates to own it initially, eventually, he develops a special bond with the puppy. Later, Dharma names the puppy Charlie and starts leading a joyful life with it. But as an unexpected twist, Dharma comes to know that Charlie has cancer symptoms.

Later, Dharma decides to take Charlie to snow valley as he senses that playing in the snow gives happiness to Charlie. Soon after deciding, he takes Charlie on a road trip to the North belt. What kind of experiences will Dharma comes across on the road trip in company with Charlie, forms the rest of the take.

Performances: Being one of the bankable stars in Kannada, Rakshit Shetty should be appreciated for accepting to do this kind of experimental film. Throughout the movie, he maintained a proper frequency and gave a good performance. To simply, Rakshit Shetty carried the mood of the film with terrific screen presence which indeed adds realistic texture to the proceedings.

Dog named Charlie is the show stealer as its apt-to-scene expressions and funny acts are major highlights of the movie. Actor Bobby Simha gave a decent performance in his cameo appearance as a dog lover. Other actors such as Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B Shetty, Danish Sait did their supporting roles perfectly.

Technicalities: The cinematography work by Aravind Kashyap is top-notch as his photography captures the mood of the film nicely. The outdoor locations in hill stations are showcased in a beautiful manner.

Music by Nobin Paul is good. The film has a couple of situation songs in the first half with are interlinking with the narrative nicely. Adding to it, Nobin’s background score elevates the emotional feeling in the second half and keeps the audience hooked on the proceedings.

The editing work by Pratheek Shetty is good as he kept the film’s runtime within the limits. Production values for this dog-centric drama are nice.

Analysis: Kiranraj K directs 777 Charlie. Firstly, the direction should be lauded for coming up with this kind of sensitive concept interconnected with the emotional bonding between a man and his pet. While the concept is fresh, Kiranraj’s writing is also good enough.

The way emotional scenes are executed between Dharma and Charlie will literally bring tears to the audience’s eyes. The road journey in the second half and the emotionally hard-hitting pre-climax and climax portions are showcased with heart-touching moments.

To summerize, 777 Charlie is an emotional drama that revolves around a factory worker and a Labrador. The emotional content and impressive performances of the lead actors make 777 Charlie a must-watch film, especially for the audience who are looking forward to films in this genre.

Verdict: Emotionally charge drama!

Rating: 3/5