7 Days 6 Nights Movie Review and Rating!

After Dirty Hari, noted filmmaker MS Raju is back with a new-age youthful film titled, 7 Days 6 Nights. The film stars Sumanth Ashwin, Rohan, Meher Chahal and Krithika Shetty in the lead roles and is out for public viewing today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: In order to stay away from all the tensions in life, Anand( Sumanth Ashwin) decides to go for a trip to Goa along with his friend Kumar Mangalam ( Rohan). In the road trip, two beautiful girls Rithika( Meher Chahal) and Amiya( Krithika Shetty) join them. What kind of unexpected events happen in Anand and Rohan’s individual lives after spending quality time with the two young in Goa, forms the key aspect of the film.

Performances: Both Sumanth Ashwin and Rohan did their respective roles quite convincingly. While Sumanth Ashwin impresses with his performance, Rohan brings life to a few key episodes in both halves. His fun-coated character even evokes good laughs at regular intervals.

Coming to the two young beauties Meher Chahal and Krithika Shetty, they are just amazing with the skinny show. Meher and Krithika even gave a decent performance in the emotional scenes.

As most of the film has new artists, all of them acted decently in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Firstly, the cinematography work by Nani Chalimishetty is decent as he captured the natural locations in Goa with his lens and framing setup.

The music work by Samarth Gollapudi is okay. This background score is apt for the film’s proceedings. While the editing by Junaid Siddiqui is decent, the production values for this limited-budget movie are okay.

Analysis: MS Raju’s idea of making a rom-com entertainer by incorporating the mindset of today’s generation’s thoughts and aspirations is good and he did a decent job by picking Goa as the backdrop. His intention of showcasing the relationship issues is good as well but the problem comes with the pace of the film.

The slow-paced proceedings and flat proceedings without any proper drama and high moments come as a major minus for the film. If MS Raju would have focused on presenting the soul of the film, the result would have been much better.

To summerize, 7 Days 6 Nights is a romantic youthful drama that has a good concept but the execution lacks solid impact. Due to the same, the entire film looks like an artificial setup. All we suggest is to skip it in the theatres and watch it when streamed online if you have enough time.

Verdict: Skip it!

Rating: 1/5