5 Films that you shouldn’t miss as an NTR Fan!

Normally, for everyone of the film lovers, we tend to write a list of films that excites them to watch during a weekend or in situations like these, that we are all dealing with these days. But for fans, if you recommend a list of movies of their favourite hero, what would you recommend?

We got this question and this is the answer, we found. On the occasion of Jr. NTR’s birthday, we are coming up with this special article that discuss about 5 must watch films for a NTR fan.

P.s.: If you’re a movie lover, you can watch them too.


1ntr Aadi Movie

If you have become a fan of Jr. NTR but did not watch Aadi, till date, we have no words for you. May be you’re too young to watch it. But when you get time, don’t miss it or ignore it. NTR gave his absolute best in the film and he even literally shed blood for the film. In the last fight sequence, few glass pieces cut deep into his veins but he did not stop shooting.

Before the glass pieces go deep and damage arteries, he was taken to hospital. He still finished shooting of a song, “Ivvoddu Ivvodu”, with hand fracture. Notice it closely, if you haven’t yet.


2ntr Simhadri Movie

NTR and fights, NTR and dances, NTR and dialogues along with them, NTR and accidents on sets go hand-in-hand. NTR got so involved in a fight scene that he and fighter both mis-timed during a sequence. He got hit with iron rod on his head for real. After a 10 minutes break he finished shoot for the day and was taken to hospital for concussion check-up later.

Now, if you ask why should I watch Simhadri – just for NTR! Even though SS Rajamouli showed what he is capable of with this film, for a generation that saw his Baahubali or Magadheera first this might seem too regular commercial film hence, NTR is the major driving force. .


3ntr Yamadonga Movie

Obvious choice for a fan. NTR danced like dream, NTR performed like a dream in Young Yama role. For the first time, we got the touch of SS Rajamouli – the fantasy storyteller’s signature in this film.


4ntr Rakhi Movie

Keep the trolls aside for his weight. NTR just lived in the character of Ramakrishna in the film. His performance in the court scenes during the climax are enough to show how good an actor he is and how evolved too.

Aravindha Sametha

5ntr Aravindha Sametha Movie

Yes, we are shocked by our choice too. There are Adhurs, Brundhavanam, Jai Lava Kusa, Samba, Nannaku Prematho and all important Temper, to watch as a fan of the actor. But our 5th top choice is Aravindha Sametha, purely because of the dedication the actor showed even when he is going through the worst possible tragedy in his life. He lost his father, Harikrishna garu while shooting for the film. But he kept himself going and helped producers to release the film on-time.

Not just that he delivered Trivikram Srinivas mark dialogues in his own style and handled different emotions in one character. Rest all of the films might have their flaws or perfections, but this one was completed under extra-ordinary circumstances and if you watch the film after an year or two, you wouldn’t believe that he shot for some comedy scenes and two songs post his father’s death!

Well, with the others we mentioned, we could have easily said 10 films that you should watch as a fan but let’s limit it to these five, first!

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