47 Days Movie Review

Within many promotions and any hype, advertising several films are suddenly finding release on OTT platforms. One feels so after watching films lije 47 Days or Krishna and his Leela releasing with minimum publicity. The move doesn’t work on every film. It might be a shock for a big budget or a medium budget one to do so, but for a small budget film, some sort of publicity, will help it.

Well, Satya Dev’s 47 Days is now streaming on Zee5 OTT platform and you can watch the thriller, if you are interested on the go, at any moment.

Plot: Coming to the plot of the film. It has an interesting set-up. A very loving husband, Satya Dev (Satya Dev), finds his wife, Padmavathi (Rohini Prakash) dead one day. He doesn’t understand why. His concentration is highly distracted and his impulses take a beating. Hence, he gets suspended. He finds a link to the death of his wife, to the death of a stranger on the same day. What did he find out next? Watch the film to know More.

Performances: Satya Dev once again tried to put-in lots of effort to look convincing in a role that doesn’t seem to have been written well. He gives it his everything to make it all work. He is a talent that shouldn’t go wasted and we hope to see him in better films and scripts.

Pooja Jhaveri looked good but her performance is not so great. Rohini Prakash is beautiful. Ravi Varma and others are dependable but they too need some well-written characters to deliver.

Technicalities: Raghu Kunche composed the music for the film and he is also one of the producers. He did try to invoke some kind of suspense thriller feel with his slightly loud music but it doesn’t help the film.

Writer and Director, Pradeep Maddali seems to have tried his best to keep the suspense going. He thought about adding twist at each corner but they all turn out to be predictable. They are not executed with a finesse or written powerfully enough to keep us hooked. At a time, when the World Cinema is available to the audiences, he needs to work more on his writing than what he did.

Analysis: The movie seems to follow the thriller patterns and we are so accustomed to many trying them out that we can predict from a mile every twist from a lethargically written film. Unfortunately, this one falls into that category. We can find many films that do have similar plot points and the execution is too dull to invite viewers, to even complete it.

Bottom line: Avoidable.

Rating: 1.5/5