Trisha to be cast in 96 remake in Telugu?

96 movie in Tamil became a massive hit and it did earn a lot of fans on the social media. The movie did turn up a profit to the makers in Tamil and in Kerala, it became a huge blockbuster for Vijay Sethupathi, the lead actor.

Dil Raju bought the rights of the film as soon as it released in Tamil for a Telugu remake. He tried to cast Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja, and Nani in the film. Allu Arjun is interested to produce the film with Dil Raju.

The rumor is that as Dil Raju wants the movie to be made in Telugu, in a small budget with the same director, he wants to make it in Telugu it seems. He is keen on casting Nani in Vijay Sethu path role and the talks are going on, it seems.

For heroine and younger girl characters, he wants to bring the same actors – Trisha and a young girl from the original back it seems. The production could start later next year if everything is finalized.