30 Weds 21: Revolutionising Telugu web content

Telugu filmmakers are trying their best to give out the best content, thanks to the evolution of OTT platforms in Telugu. However, somewhere down the line, these attempts are misfiring, not hitting the right notes. However, content that is being released on YouTube is greatly trending these days and has gone to a new high with the recently released and completed 30 Weds 21.

30 Weds 21 is a story between a couple, where the man – Prudhvi – is 30 years old, and the woman – Meghana – is 21 years old. It is about how Prudhvi warms up to Meghana, after getting married, and gets over their 9 year age gap, and finally accepts her as his wife. The series struck a chord with the current generation, dealing with some really annoying problems the current generation faces in the society and showed them in a relatable and impactful way, while never shoving it into your face. The way the story was told organically, and the mesmerising background score, along with the leads, made the series a highly charming one.

Special mention is to be given to Chaitanya Rao, who lived the role of Prudhvi. He’s the perfect amount of understanding, cooperative, funny, adorable, caring and matured. He resonated so much with the audiences that he has amassed a decent amount of following among the female population right now. Ananya, who plays Meghana, also did a decent job in her role, complementing Chaitanya in every scene. 30 Weds 21 definitely gave the audiences the kind of content they were looking for, one that filmmakers can do very well to follow.

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