2022: Tollywood gets off to a good start, what’s next?

While the first couple of months in 2022 didn’t look as promising, due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country, the lack of any film releases in those months has been more than made up since March, with back to back releases.

With the exception of maybe a couple of films, and Radhe Shyam, almost every film that was released this year turned out to be a major success, raising the hopes for the upcoming releases. This year’s summer has a couple of biggies, along with other films, all of which have been highly anticipated for quite some time now. All these films have been carrying a good buzz around them, and the success streak of Tollywood this year is only increasing hope.

Tollywood was not only successful in Telugu this year, but also in other states, thanks to the massive success of RRR, and the success of Pushpa that continued into 2022. Here’s hoping that the rest of the year is going to be splendid for Tollywood as well.

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