2021 to be the comeback year for another hero?

There are a lot of heroes who have been waiting for a much-awaited comeback in their career, for quite some time now. They have been experiencing flops for the past several years, and are in desperate need of a decent hit.

The year 2021 turned out to be the comeback year of two of Tollywood’s finest actors, and two fan favourite heroes, Ravi Teja and Allari Naresh. Ravi Teja scored a blockbuster this year, in the form of Krack, which released for Sankranthi, making it the first release of this year. It was then followed by the success of Naandi, a few months later, which marked a comeback for Allari Naresh, who has been suffering from the lack of proper success for many years now.

There’s another hero in Tollywood who’s in need of a decent hit. Gopichand is one of the finest actors in Telugu and has an impressive acting range. However, the actor hasn’t been able to deliver a decent success for a while now, despite his honest performances. He is coming up with Seetimaarr this year, directed by Sampath Nandi, which has decent expectations on it. Apart from that, Gopichand is also ready to entertain audiences with Maruti’s Pakka Commercial, which might release this year or next year. Here’s hoping that Gopichand will also be able to give a strong comeback this year.

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