13 Songs that made Mangli a star singer

Saranga Dhariya is the latest sensation. Be it any place in the Telugu States, this is the one song that has been on the bucket list for everyone. The song is from Love Story that stars Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi in the lead roles. Sekhar Kammula is the director of the movie. Saranga Dhariya which was released very recently clocked over 40 Million views in very little time.

While Sai Pallavi’s dance moves and Telangana folk backdrop are said to be the reasons for the range of this success, singer Mangli plays a major role as well. She has taken the song to another level. Mangli’s original name is Satyavati Rathod. She hails from Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh. She has sung many private albums at the start of her career apart from acting. From private albums to super hit movies, Mangli’s journey is a thing to watch out for.

Now, let us have a look at some of the best Mangli songs in her career so far.

1. Rela Re Rela:

The song which is about the Telangana Formation Day is one of the best songs Mangli has sung. The song turned out to be a super hit and it is a crucial song in her career.

2. Bullet Song – George Reddy

The super hit chartbuster song “Aadu Nadipe Bandi” From George Reddy is a superb chartbuster. It is clocking millions of views even now. The song was sung by Mangli and it is her voice that has done magic apart from the peppy tune.

3. Batukamma

Mangli is known mostly for her private songs. Batukamma song is a very important song in her career as well. She has given life to the song. It has got unbelievable 79 Million views which is nothing but sensational for a private song.

4. Ramulo Ramula – Ala Vaikunthapurramulo

What can we say about this song? It has shattered every record for a Telugu song in recent times and was later mounted by Butta Bomma from the same movie. Nevertheless, Ramulo Ramula is a huge song in every sense. Mangli’s different voice gave the song a different angle.

5. Bhoom Baddal – Krack

It is the latest peppy item number that is topping the music lists. Bhoom Baddal is a crazy number. The video song of the film has already clocked more than 30 Million views which is quite sensational. The major credit should go to Mangli. There is no doubt about that.

6. Shivaratri

Mangli is known for festival songs. After Batukamma, Telangana formation, etc., Shivaratri song has been quite a chartbuster number. It is the song that goes played for every Shivaratri for sure. This private song has got more than 130 Million views. Nothing more can be said about this song.

7. Saranga Dhariya – Love Story

We have already spoken about this song. Saranga Dhariya is a rural Telangana folk number. There is a bit of controversy around the song but that only helped it become a huge chartbuster. Sai Pallavi’s dancing skills added more flavor to it though.

8. Aada Nemali

There is always something special about Mangli and private songs as one song betters the other. Aada Nemali of hers is a huge chartbuster. It clocked more than 140 Million views. Mangli’s screen presence and typical voice are huge plus points.

9. Title Song – Shailaja Reddy Alludu

Mangli has sung this title song from Shaila Reddy Alludu with a lot of conviction. Though the movie is not so successful, this song has managed to come out of the ranks.

10. Sankranthi song

Do you forget this Sankranthi song which was trending during the festival season a couple of months back? It has been a super hit song as well.

11. Paina Pataram – Chaavu Kaburu Challaga

The movie hasn’t been released yet. Paina Pataram Lona Lotaram is from yet-to-be-released Chaavu Kaburu Challaga film that stars Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. It is a special song that has Anasuya sizzling for the number. The song has become an instant chartbuster as within a week it has crossed 2 Million views.

12. Ramasakkanodiviro – Question Mark (?)

Nobody knows about the film but the song is a super hit. Adah Sharma has sizzled in the song and Raghu Kunche has composed the tune. The song has got more than 3 Million views.

13. Ramba Oorvasi Menaka – Alludu Adhurs

Alludu Adhurs bit the dust big time but the song Ramba Oorvasi Menaka is a super hit song. The song was sung by none other than Mangli. Not to mention, the song is a super hit in every sense.

These are the songs that made Mangli a star singer. Needless to say, there are many more to come.