100 years of NTR: A force to be reckoned with

The Telugu film industry is full of great actors, and the list only keeps increasing. A lot of these actors have gained superstardom and enjoy a huge fanbase. Most of these actors started out with humble beginnings as well, and while all of them have made an impact on the Telugu people, there never has been something on the scale of what the legendary NTR has been able to do.

He started out as an extra in films, and slowly rose to the kind of star that he is known to be today. He became a God for his fans, a looked like one, whenever he dressed up as Lord Krishna, the only actor in the history of Indian cinema to perfectly fit the bill as if he was born to play Lord Krishna. NTR was seen in many roles throughout his career and has delivered many hits and flops, but he will always be revered as Lord Krishna, due to the sheer magnitude of the impact he created in that avatar, with some audiences even worshipping the actor in that avatar, back in the day.

NTR’s historic achievements and records didn’t stop there. He was the first actor to enter politics in the Telugu states and managed to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh right after establishing his party. He was elected as the CM twice, and his achievements during that period are something that is still followed in the Telugu states to date. NTR put Telugu people on the global map, gave them an identity, told the world that we’re a people of great pride, and gave the language such importance that Telugu became the official language in Hyderabad, which was until then dominated by Urdu.

No one since NTR has been able to make such an impact in the Telugu states, and no one has been able to stay as legendary as NTR, as a demigod, who accomplished things that could only be dreamt of. Here’s celebrating his 100th birth anniversary, the grand celebration of which will kick start from today, with Balakrishna starting off the celebrations in Nimmakuru, where NTR is from. Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR visited their grandfather’s memorial in NTR gardens today, as is their practice every year.

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