10 Crazy Projects of Uday Kiran that were Shelved or Stopped!

We think a lot about “What if” kind of situations in our regular life. We may have missed a certain bus looking at a beautiful lady or missed this lady who was responding to our “sight-ful” questions with an exquisite smile. What if I did not miss the bus for someone who tortures me? Or What if I just pursued this lady by not climbing that bus than the low paying job with the endless pit? Similarly, we have a “What If” lined up for you too.

What if Uday Kiran did these 10 shelved projects? Had he did them, would some of them be grand successes? Had he done them instead of what he did, would he have not been so depressed with projects that later came his way? A big “What if”.

Let’s look at the projects he missed and imagine a situation of him doing each. We don’t know the stories, hence, our imagination is as good as yours’, in this case.

1. AM Ratnam, producer of Kushi has launched Premante Suluvu Kaadura with Uday Kiran in a dual role. After completing 40 percent of the shoot, due to various reasons, the film was halted and never gotten back onto the sets. The title is a song from Kushi. It could have been helpful for Uday’s career.

1 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

2. Uday Kiran and Ankita teamed up for a movie under Pratyusha Creations banner. However, it has been stalled before going for the shoot.

2 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

3. Puri Jagannath wanted to direct Uday Kiran and Asin in Anjana productions banner. But the project got canceled. One heck of a combination this is. Well, Uday Kiran could have got a different image with this project. Really unlucky he is.

3 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

4. Uday Kiran was offered Abhimanyu’s character for Balakrishna’s dream project Nartanashala. However, with Soundarya’s demise, the project got stalled. She is roped in for Sita’s character. Working with stalwarts itself could have been a memorable experience for him. Unfortunate.

4 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

5. Plans were made for Jab We Met remake with Uday Kiran and Trisha in the lead role. Unfortunately, it wasn’t materialized. This could have been a game-changing moment for Uday. Pchh.

5 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

6. Prestigious Super Good Films thought to bring in a super hit combination of Uday Kiran and Sadha for a project which has never seen light. We might have witnessed a super cool breezy romantic entertainer had if the project materialized.

6 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

7. Adi Shankaracharya is Uday Kiran’s movie at first. However, it got stuck with financial problems then. While knowing the film’s result now one might think good that this movie didn’t take off with Uday.

7 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

8. MS Raju planned a hat-trick combo with Uday Kiran after Manasantha Nuvve and Nee Sneham. But with unknown reasons, this movie got canceled. MS Raju is Uday’s lucky charm. What if this project worked out?

8 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

9. Chandrasekhar Yeleti approached Uday Kiran for a movie with a military backdrop. Uday Kiran was asked to play a military officer character. It somehow didn’t materialize. Irrespective of the result, Chandrasekhar Yeleti is a worthful director. Working with him would have been helpful for Uday Kiran’s career. Unlucky that he lost such a project.

9 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled


10. When Uday was struggling with offers, Teja thought to direct a movie with him in lead and even produce it by himself. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take the movie forward then. At the time of Uday Kiran struggling, even Teja too is struggling for success. So one cannot be so sure about the result then.

10 List Of Uday Kiran Movies Cancelled

Well, the line up is promising though. However, the problem with “What if” is the result could have gone either way. Today Uday Kiran is not with us and he fought with his destiny until he could. He then succumbed to the pressure and depression. Remembering Uday Kiran on his birth anniversary.