10 Best Movies of Gopichand

Gopichand has the tagline of Action Hero and rightly so. Action Movies are best suited for him. His personality, height invites action and he excels in this genre. While most of his hits are action-oriented, he has the small tinge of comic timing which makes him the most promising star. Though Gopichand is not having a good time at the box office we cannot strike him off yet. He can bounce back strong. Now, let us have a look at the best movies of Gopichand.

Best Movies of Gopichand

  • Golimaar

01 Golimaar

Puri Jagannath is a director who presents his hero from a very new angle. With Golimaar, Puri Jagannath has given a very memorable film to Gopichand. Though the movie hasn’t succeeded very well as its intended, the movie helped the hero’s career a lot. Gopichand as Inspector Gangaram is just superb and there is no second thought to it. Golimaar is a movie that showcases Police in high regard. Gopichand as encounter specialist fits the bill. The dialogues in this movie are just like bullets. One of the top 5 in Gopichand’s all-time movies.


  • Loukyam

08 Lakshyam

It is one of the very few films of Gopichand that is high on entertainment. Right from the start, Loukyam goes into entertainment mode. The movie directed by Sriwass and written by Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan duo has been sensational. The entertainment factor worked big time and the movie is the highest grosser in Gopichand’s career. The actor looks glamorous in the film as well. The comedy in this movie is extraordinary.


  • Sahasam

03 Sahasam

Though some movies not turning into commercial successes will always find a place in the best films list of actors. There will be one or two films such that in every hero’s category. Directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti, Sahasam belongs to the action-adventure film that is very rare in Telugu Cinema. The film is gripping enough. However, few commercial elements didn’t click and Sahasam ended up as an average grosser. Still, Gopichand has excelled in the movie and the writing is good. So, it finds place comfortably in the best movies category.


  • Ranam

04 Ranam

Ranam is a film that made Gopichand close to the masses. It is an extremely commercial flick that ticks all the boxes of a commercial entertainer. Choreographer Amma Rajasekhar has turned director with this movie. He has conceived a beautiful commercial film that has all the elements to entertain the audiences and it does so. Ranam is one of the biggest hits in Gopichand’s career and it stabilized his career as the lead hero. The comedy in the movie has worked out well too.


  • Okkadunnadu

05 Okkadunnadu

Chandrasekhar Yeleti who is known for sensible films has directed an action thriller Okkadunnadu. He has taken up the subject of the Bombay blood group which was the first time in Tollywood, then. Okadunnadu is a film that only caters to a few sections of the audience. The film is sensible enough and has been one of the best in Gopichand’s career.


  • Jayam

06 Jayam

Gopichand has hit the rough block as the hero. With the debut movie didn’t fare well, offers dried up for Gopichand and he had to take a new route. He turned villain for the movie Jayam and the result is just phenomenal. Though Nithiin is the hero for Jayam, Gopichand has taken the limelight. He is terrific as the baddie and the movie too is a blockbuster success. So, Jayam has brought new lease of life for Gopichand.


  • Varsham

07 Varsham

It is Gopichand’s third movie as a villain. He has been selected as the baddie opposite Prabhas who is just two films old by then. In Varsham too, Gopichand has done a splendid job as Bhadranna. Gopichand stood equal to Prabhas in the movie and that elevated the hero’s character. Directed by Sobhan, Varsham has sensational music by Devi Sri Prasad. After Varsham, Gopichand stopped playing villain roles and turned hero again with Yagnam.


  • Lakshyam

08 Lakshyam

Director Sriwass’s first movie, Lakshyam was a decent success. It has Jagapathi Babu in the brother role of Gopichand. The sentiment between the duo has worked out well. Gopichand is good in both emotional and action episodes. Lakshyam came at a crucial phase where he has been getting decent offers. The action hero has done complete justice to his character. Gopichand and Anushka paired up for the first time for Lakshyam and the chemistry between them are superb. One of the crucial films in Gopichand’s career.


  • Yagnam

09 Yagnam

Gopichand has turned villain after his initial flop and has done a series of movies that turned blockbusters. His career as a villain is sailing smoothly but that is not Gopichand wanted. So he again attempted a movie as a male lead. Yagnam is the movie which is directed by AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary. The film is very crucial and Gopichand came out with flying colors. It is a film that says no to factionism and the message was told in a rather commercial way. Yagnam as told is a complete commercial entertainer and has given new life to Gopichand as the main lead. There is no looking back for the action hero since then.


  • Souryam

10 Souryam

Gopichand has teamed up with Siva for the movie Soukyam. It is Siva’s first movie and currently, the director is a star filmmaker in Kollywood. Siva has weaved a story that perfectly fits the bill for Gopichand’s image. The chemistry between Gopichand and Anushka is too good and the heroine’s glamour is an added advantage to the film. Gopichand as a Police Officer is impressive. Especially it’s the second half, where Gopichand plays a game with the villain will leave you in splits. Mani Sharma’s music and background music are other assets. Overall, Souryam is one of the best movies in Gopichand’s career.


Well, here are the best movies from Gopichand. He has done 26 films so far and we managed to pick up these 10 films. If you have a few more additions then don’t forget to add that in the comments below. We are sure Gopichand will succeed in his upcoming films and we wish him All The Best in this regard.

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