Young director attempts suicide due to depression

Film world is not an easy place to crack and thrive. There are many difficulties as it depends on luck factor along with talent. If you are not lucky enough your talent won’t help you to find success as much as you desire. Also, you need smart thinking and patience to sail through the highs and lows in the Industry. At times, even though you do everything right, you might fail due to some bad decision.

The pressures are such that even the matured and strong people can’t handle the severe depression that can cause seeing your life not going in the direction you wished it to go. This is the reason, why we see many people from Industry committing suicides out of depression. Even always being in public eye can cause huge depression as they don’t have a private life and have to think about everything else before they do what they really like.

Rajasimha, the writer of Rudramadevi and writer-director of Oka Ammayi Thappa, decided to commit suicide due to depression, as per the initial reports. He was in Mumbai yesterday and there in his room, he is found lifeless due to high dosage of sleeping pills. He is taken to a private hospital in Mumbai and doctors are trying to save him.