You need to mix it up well – Tamannah

Tamannah Bhatia has been in the Industry for more than a decade since her debut in Sri with Manchu Manoj and then she earned fame with Happy Days, in the direction of Shekhar Kammula. The actress slowly, gained her footing in the Industry and earned a name as a performer as well as a seductress. Many actresses these days are unable to balance it right and Tamannah as few words of advise for them.

The actress said, “ Anybody can manage to work hard and leave an impression in the movies that are tailor made for them and also strong characters will help to push yourself. But you have to able to leave an impression in the roles of a commercial heroine too. Then only you will have longevity in Indian Cinema. You can’t expect to get a substantial role in each film in an Industry that is obsessed with heroes and stories normally rotate around them.

“ But as actresses you can always wait for that one perfect script that will project you as a performer and then just shake your leg in a commercial movie. You have to work hard in both the movies and gaining attention on an audience member is more tough in a movie that doesn’t rotate around you. So, one has to balance it out and should not take anything for granted.” Well, she seems to have grown from being a naive young girl to a clever actress who knows how to her roles and plan career efficiently.

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