You can’t believe everything on social media : Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan should be considered as the most trolled person on the internet as many tried to rip and dissect words apart to create innumerable controversies. The actress stayed calm at many occasions and she shared how come she is able to be so brave. The actress replied, “I don’t believe in everything that I read. I do like spending a lot of time on social media but that doesn’t mean I should believe everything written out there.”

She further explained, “I come from a film family and I know how gossips are spread. When you let them affect you, you loose your piece of mind. Gossips are a part of parcel and should know when to react and how. I have been reserving my opinions to close quarters on many issues and until and unless, I feel it is necessary, I won’t comment on that.”

She also tried to explain how her acting in Kannada, a false news has been spread so rapidly. She said, “I am not comfortable with people thinking they can write and spread anything about a celebrity. But that is how it is and we have to take it chin up. I did not get any offers from Kannada Industry and people started writing about me joining and having plans to rule it. I had to put my foot down on this, so that people don’t get cheated, mainly my fans. And rest about my personal life, unless and until I react, none of them holds up so I am content with that. I know what to believe and what not to and when to react as well.”