You can interact with a star in your living room!

The technology has developed leaps and bounds and here we are sharing about each other on face time, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter everyday. Gone are those days, when you have to wait for phone calls till the midnight from your distant cousins and now, even to interact with your favourite actor you can choose your time and place and have them right there with you.

Well, even though it won’t be completely real, the hologram version of the actor or actress will interact with you like a friend. In 2.0 poster launch, the team decided to bring forward the idea of Augmented Reality and we all have seen how Rajni interacted with Chitti the robot in the movie. Well, you can do the same in your living rooms as director of 16th December, Mani Shankar and his family, developed an AR app that will be help you do this.

They have presented Modi’s hologram for the first time in the conclave and as they are ready to launch it, Rana has signed up to be the first actor to be part of this program. He will pre-record some of his responses to standard questions and also few interactions so that the fan who is using the app will feel the presence of his favourite so near to them. For this to work, all you have to do is to download the app and print out the marker sheet. After you scan the marker, your favourite star will appear in front of you as a hologram. Mani Shankar who is the thought behind the idea, said that even though people it was just a hologram waited for handshakes from Modi at one of his presentations! Bring it on my man!

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