I wish Rajni to stop films

Rajnikanth has been one of the famous superstars of India, who did not see huge failures once he established himself as a Superstar. In Tamil, he grew to the level of a God-man and he has worshippers there, who will gladly die for him. With such huge adulation, he grew even bigger and bigger, as his style attracted all of South India and even Hindi audience.

All this he achieved over 40 years of his career, by dedicating most of his time to work and shootings. One time, he got so fed up by all the busy life, that he went away to Himalayas for recreation. His family, saw him go through lot of pain and even ill-health conditions, to the extent that people started spreading rumours that he won’t live much longer.

He came back always stronger and he is continuing to act in films. At a stage where he has to prove nothing, his family is asking him to stop and concentrate on family life. His daughter, Aishwarya said, “I wish Rajni to stop films. I am a big fan of his, but my father worked tirelessly for so long, that I wish now he spends more time with family than concentrating on films. But I don’t mean, he should stop completely as I want to do a movie occasionally.” Kaala, his latest movie released on 7th June.