Will NBK change his plan?

Nandamuri Balakrishna has made it evident that his films will definitely have some or the political connection to tham as he became a full time politician while continuing to act in films. He is doing what all he can for his constituency as an elected Member of Legislative Assembly and at the same time focussing on films as well. For 2019, he decided that his movies will be politically detrimental as well with the kind of line-up he announced.

He made an announcement that he is keen to work with Boyapati Srinu, who made two blockbuster films with him before 2019, Summer and already he started shooting for NTR biopic, which is expected to bring new life to the image of NTR in young crowd and help political prospects as well. The news reports suggest that Narendra Modi is looking to push for early elections and by April, 2019 Election commission wants to complete the states Assembly elections too.

So, with all his efforts, he may be able to get NTR biopic, ready by Sankranthi but a big mass action movie that can have politician influence with a director like Boyapati Srinu ready by April seems to be a tough ask. So, will he change his plan about NBK103? Or will he just go ahead and do the best possible he can? Let’s wait and see.