Will Gautam Menon handle Arjun Reddy remake?

Arjun Reddy is one of the few cult movies in Telugu Film Industry and the Tamil remake of the movie, Varma with Dhruv Vikram had to be re-shot has director Bala’s version did not impress E4 Entertainment, the production house.

They are trying to rope-in, a sensible filmmaker to handle the film and Chiyaan Vikram is interested to ask Gautam Menon, who is making Dhruva Natchitram with him, to direct the film, it seems.

Gautham Menon has been going through financial problems as he is unable to complete his films and even his productions. He is trying hard to find financial support by announcing new combinations and interesting ones.

So, he might take this opportunity with conditions and try to replicate the original as truly as he can, say sources from Chennai. We have to wait and see, if Gautham will take the opportunity.