Will 96 remake go on floors?

Dil Raju as a producer wanted to remake 96 Tamil movie under any condition. Even though many advised him to not go for it, he made sure to launch the pre-production works for the movie.

He roped in Prem Kumar, the original director and made an attempt to change the script beforehand so that he won’t have to regret later. He even got confirmation from Samantha and Sharwanand to star in the film.

Now, he is asking for change in the composer and also change in the climax and few portions, it seems. The director is not willing to completely sacrifice the essence and hence a stalemate has occurred in the progress, it seems.

Many say that the demands are in-order to make the movie more saleable but the director wants his movie to be made, the way he thought off. Let’s see if they will arrive at a truce.