Wife Of Ram

When system tries to side one person and help him wipeout all mistakes with money, a common man or a woman has to fight for justice all by himself or hers’. But can everyone escape the implications and if they should, how will they? What kind of a reason is good enough to let us not feel bad for taking law into our hands? Many questions but very few answers …

Plot : A woman named Deeksha (Manchu Lakshmi) wakes up in the hospital to find out that her husband, Ram (Samrat) is missing, her unborn child is aborted and she has become an orphan all of a sudden. Now, she finds out that her husband is killed in an accident. While police believe it is an accident she trusts it is a murder as she saw someone in a hoodie attacking her husband.

The story doesn’t excite corrupt police officer (KS Iyengar) and he hands it over to new recruit Chari (Priyadarshe). Looking at Deeksha’s skills to investigate and her enthusiasm, Chari starts digging deep with her clues to find, Rocky (Adarsh). Who is Rocky? What is the connection between him and Deeksha? Who killed Ram? To know answers watch the film.

Performances : Manchu Lakshmi couldn’t really sell the act of a determined wife who wants to find the killer of her husband and who can’t really get over the tragedy. She tries to catch a tone between innocent and shrewd but fails to really pull off the role well enough. Her performance could have lifted the film to another level but it couldn’t.

Priyadarshe is strictly fine in his character. Samrat Reddy is not good and Adarsh comes up with his routine antics. K.S.Iyengar leaves an impression and all others are just forgettable.

Technicalities : Samala Bhasker’s cinematography is good but it is restricted for few frames and not full film. There is high inconsistency in the way the camera is handled throughout the film.

Raghu Dixit’s back ground score helps the fIlm but it is used to induce suspense than enhance. We feel the director is trying hard but it is the music director who is trying really hard, actually.

Bikkina Thammiraju’s editing is not that good and he needed to balance the suspense element with the content. But he fails to give us a cut that keeps on the edge of our seats.

Vijay Yelakanti, the writer and director, took his film too seriously and tried to imbibe so many elements into one that we feel the movie is not structured right. Suddenly, the movie shifts gears rather than moving at a consistent pace. As we know the twist and expect it from first frame, everything looks a big drag than exciting screenplay.

Analysis : In a thriller, we expect good scene after scene that improves on the suspence factor every few minutes. Here, the movie doesn’t move anywhere for an half-an-hour and then revolves around the same thing rather than coming up with clever situations and clues.

It seems like an effort by a director who saw 10 thrillers and got an idea for his film. The consistency in Police character doesn’t appear in the main lead. Even the actress didnot help the cause at all. The movie could have been much better but it ended up as another missed opportunity.

Rating : 2/5

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